what's in my bag + ismene

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

hi dolls! 
i figured since i showed you my lovely new bag last week, this week i would show you what's usually inside it! 
i absolutely love "what's in my bag" blog posts. it's so fascinating to me! 
my bag is usually used to tote things back and forth to work and rehearsal, so it has to be big and roomy. generally if i'm using a purse i like a slouchy cross shoulder bag with pockets and tons of space.
so, from top left across here's what you see:

1. the bag itself
2. the script for the play i'm currently doing (more on that soon!) 
3. a little notebook in which i jot down things that make me happy
4. a disposable camera
5. my everyday notebook full of lists of things to do, character notes, money charts etc. maybe i should do a what's in my notebook post next ;) plus a pencil for writing (not a big pen fan normally!)
6. my chapstick! 
7.. a homemade envelope in case i urgently need to send something, haha
8. books! right now they are to do list by sasha cagen and a student of weather by elizabeth hay, which a co-worker lent me
9. my trusty blackberry
10. essie's in stitches (my current obsession) and a hair elastic
11. my hand-me-down wallet that i'm obsessed with
12. sunglasses
13. an apple! okay, so i generally have snacks in my bag. an apple, a clif bar, a baggy of almonds.. not a fan of leaving the house knowing i might get hungry haha

now i want to talk about the play i'm currently doing, which i've gotten a few questions about! 
the play is called ismene, by jeremy menekseoglu. here's a little bit about it taken from the official site:

ismene is a play written by jeremy menekseoglu, soon to be featured in eight cities around the world. based on a new chapter in the stories of lesser-known heroines in greek theater and mythology, ismene is the tale of a young woman who is sent away to a school for arktoi (unruly children) in the wake of great tragedy. fate comes knocking in the form of a deadly chorus, and ismene is trapped inside the school with four other fierce women. will they fight their fate or give in to their tragedies once and for all? 

we've been rehearsing for about a month now, and the play is unlike any i've ever done. we are setting it in an old school, and making use of every floor and most of the rooms. the play is a traveling play, so the limited audience walks around with the action as opposed to just being sat in a theatre for two hours. it's exciting! the women i'm working with are unbelievably talented and i've learned so much from them. i play erin, a stubborn, proud, impish girl who believes her mother was one of the ancient erinyes. 

if you want to read more, you can check out the ismene project website (we are the st. john's branch!) or the ismene project facebook page

okay my lovelies, i'm off to enjoy my day off until tonight's final dress rehearsal! we open tomorrow night, eek!
hope you're all well, i'll do my best to catch up on comments once the play closes! 
love love love

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amy said...

your blog is sweet.
i'm reading through your posts now ^.^

your bag is awfully clean! how do you manage? mine is so grotesque. filled with wrappers. and random musings. xo

hope to hear from you*
love amy ^.^

Sarah said...

I love your notebooks! I guess I try not to carry too many things in my bag because I get a little grumpy carrying too heavy a bag, hehe. And I have a whole load of pens in my bag - a ball pen, an ink pen, and my normal basic pen. I love my pretty pens so it's only normal for me to bring it around even if I don't use 'em, which I normally don't. Haha.

And an apple! You're so healthy! My bag is filled with sweets. From mints to gum to fruit pastilles. I know, very unhealthy. :\ But I guess they do well in keeping me awake at times.

It's so cute that you bring a homemade envelope wherever you go! :) I should do that too, really.

Your play sounds really exciting! And I'm sure you've learnt a lot there. You'll do well, Sara! :) Will be supporting you all the way from Malaysia! Do post up some photos of the play alright? Too excited to see you in your role. All the best for your shows! :)

Don't worry about being too busy, we all have our busy and absent days from the blogging world. But you're right, twitter makes it a lot more convenient. ;)

I'll catch you soon then lovely.

p/s: I still haven't managed to send your letter, so sorry. But I will, soon! :) xx

rebecca said...

i love 'in my bag' posts. i always have a notebook and camera with me too, just in case!


Rosie said...

yours is one of the best 'in my bag' posts I have read! your bag is lovely, and that play sounds wonderful. I hope it all goes perfectly for you. your notebook is so lovely too!

hope your well and smilie


rachel! said...

so cute. i love all your journals & your love of pencils. so cute. and that BAG!! ahhh. i have a pic of it on my wall and it is on my "lust" list. haha. now i am going to go read the post about the bag.

Kylie said...

these are fun to do - i want to do a "burn project" too. freepeople did a post about it - what would you grab if you were running out of your burning house? kinda depressing but intriguing!