happy halloween!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

it was jason's birthday last week!
we went for sushi, opened presents, ate yummy cupcakes and watched harry potter.

it was a good day :)

last night i went to some halloween parties!
i saw a peacock, popeye, mario and luigi, dorothy, clifford the big red dog, pebbles and bam bam!

i was an owl.
i made my costume out of an old dress and hand-cut feathers. the mask took me ages to get right.
i might wear feathers in my hair every day now, i love them.

tonight i'm watching a scary movie and hopefully handing out treats to little trick-or-treaters! i'm not sure if we'll get very many, but i really hope so. i love seeing little halloween costumes!
the wind here is blowing and blowing, it's kind of scary and perfectly halloweeny.

hope you have a spooky day, ghouls!
love, love

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Christine said...

Do wear feathers in your hair :-)
You look beautiful. and halloween-birthday sounds lovely.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful costume idea! x

Pink Lady said...

i love your costume! and i think it´s a great idea wearing feathers in your hair! looks beautiful!
have a beautiful week! ♥

and happy birthday afterwards to jason! :)

abigail said...

your hair is gorgeous!

cb said...

what a cute costume! you look adorable!!! i love that ship wall art, so so cool!!!!!


Emma said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time - great outfit, love the effort that went into it! x

Catherine said...

Aw, I love the owl idea, you look so cute!

Anonymous said...

hey sweetheart!

lovelovelove your mask. job well done on it. ;) and aww, jason's birthday looked like heaps of fun. the photo of him holding the ship and the card is so cute. both of you are so perfect together. :)

haha and oh yes, it's really surreal indeed, the parcel. it's THE most amazing parcel yet, my love. :) and i'm still so thankful for it. :) if i get some time on my hands, you might just receive a parcel from me too, for the year end/new year. :)

have a darling weekend, s.
heaps of love! xx

Anonymous said...

lovely post, i loooove halloween <3 xx

rebecca said...

i love your owl costume! i want to have my own (:


The Many Colours of Happiness said...

sounds lovely :) And great costume!