hold on -

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i am waiting for a lot of things to happen.
and wishing wishing that they do.

love, love

feather circus

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مى said...

I'm waiting on a lot of things to happen too. And I always keep a smile on my face. Love this x

Sara said...

I love the soft colours..

The title is so details in the fabric...I love that song :)

amy said...

me too..

Anonymous said...

the photos are beautiful.

and waiting is the most difficult part, i agree. i hope that all you're waiting for comes to past soon enough! :)


Tree Castles said...

ohhh vera's photos are so lovely.
and your words are so nice! i wait for a lot of things to happen, as well. *sigh*


Mila said...

Those are so pretty and dreamy...
as are your words.
i am hoping too.
for you
and the world.


the mademoiselle said...

I find both these photos extremely interesting.

danica said...

beautiful :)

Sundari said...

Very interesting photos. And I hope a lot of good things do happen to/for you. And thank you so much for commenting on my post, it is really appreciated.