Wednesday, October 21, 2009

hi, beautifuls!
i hope you are all perfectly lovely.
just thought i'd stop in a leave a little note!
school is a bit difficult right now, i can't seem to stay on top of anything!
but, i did get put into the entire second act of the production we're doing , which is very exciting!
i am going home to see my baby this weekend for his birthday which i am very excited about also. his gift is my favorite i've ever given anyone.
what are your plans for the weekend?
i hope you have a lovely time, whatever you do!
take care, stay sweet.
i'll post again soon, hopefully!
love, love

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Anonymous said...

school is always difficult anyway! but i'm sure you'll pull through just fine. :) and all the best for the production! hehe. too bad i can't participate in my church's christmas production this year. :(

ah, celebrating your beau's birthday is definitely something to look forward to! what gift did you get him? ;) if you don't mind spilling the secret, hee. i hope you both have a very lovely and memorable weekend spent together! hehe. my well wishes goes out to you, sara!

my weekend is gonna be pretty dry - i'm recovering from a recent surgery so it'll mean i'll have to start moving about like normal and will need to desperately catch up on school work and revisions. hehe.

your weekend sounds very much more lovely! i envy. :)

you take care and enjoy your weekend! xx

Demi said...

lovely post :) school is really hard, I'm feeling the same lately - but good luck with everything. :) and have a wonderful weekend! xx