Tea & Cake London: Violet

Friday, May 2, 2014

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After a dreary, rainy, Friday and a long (and very boring) day's work, I was in need of cupcakes. Naturally.

And since it'd been a while since I'd visited anywhere in my Tea & Cake London guidebook to the best shops around London, I decided to hop on a bus to Violet, a little bakery tucked away in Hackney.

It's kind of unassuming, a white-ish building with VIOLET down it's side. Inside there was an emptying display of treats, which I can only assume means good things about sold out snacks.

I chose a red velvet and then a chocolate with vanilla lavender icing, mainly because the light purple was too pretty to pass up. They were both delish, and I surprisingly liked the lavender best of the two.

It was a quick visit to Violet and then I was on my way, but not before several people were in and out picking up cakes and taking treats to go. I'd like to go back on a nicer day for an iced coffee and a violet salad and possibly a slice of that salted caramel chocolate devils food cake (I know!), taken to eat in the tiny back garden.

47 Wilton Way
E8 3ED
+44 20 7275 8360

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Ashley D said...

Glad you got to cross off another Tea and Cake in London spot! That garden in the back looks so beautiful:)

mariell. said...

pretty pictures! violet is one of my absolute favorites! i love their chocolate and salted caramel cake, i want it as my wedding cake <- serious commitment over here.

Grace said...

In love with these Tea and Cake London posts...I wish they did thousands of tea guides for everywhere! (I may be partial to a bit of afternoon tea!)

Grace xXx