The Observer's Book of British Butterflies

Monday, May 12, 2014

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Couldn't resist posting a few pictures of this pretty little book I bought at a tiny market the other day. The names of the butterflies are so nice: the Purple Emperor butterfly, the Pale Clouded Yellow butterfly, the Bath White butterfly, the Painted Lady.

The man I bought it from asked me if I was going to try to spot them in my garden - here's hoping I do!

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Louise Duffy said...

Oh my! So pretty! I love old books! Nice blog :)

Becca Allen said...

Such a great find! I hope you find some even half as pretty as that in the garden x

Kate said...

Gorgeous pictures, your blog is beautiful :) x

~K said...

I do like the orange tip butterfly. I not really a butterfly spotter, or birds or anything like that. I just like to watch them. I've been to a butterfly farm I think once in my life but I imagine it's nicer with a fancy book to identify them all.
Super cute! It look quite old too.

julie said...

i have been reading your blog for a while and all your pictures are so freakin pretty. i get so much inspiration from this blog, you have no idea! i always love your posts. xx

Katie Albury said...

Ah what a lovely unique book...I love finding beautiful books to arrange around the home.
Katie x

Synne said...

What a beautiful little book! Your photos have such a soft quality to them, and this post just makes me want to run outside and look for colourful butterflies!

Rebecca Georga said...
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Rebecca Georga said...

I had a fern observer book, i miss it! They're beautiful to read xoxo