Another Sunday

Sunday, May 18, 2014

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Since I am currently holed up in bed with several maladies (burnt shoulders + inception blisters + heat rash COOL), I figured I may as well put up a few of the pictures from today that resulted in all of those injuries.

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Little kitty milling about my feet while we made breakfast.

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Rory handled the frying, I handled the taking pictures of cats at my feet and flowers in the back garden.

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Bacon, eggs, oranges, banana bread and juice = ideal Sunday breakfast. 

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Rory's genius idea of bringing a giant water bottle with us probably saved me from heat stroke (I am never overly dramatic or over-exaggerate anything, by the way).

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Obviously had to get some ice cream.

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Found a little hole in the wall vintage shop that was half indoors and half outdoors, I bought that little yellow cigarette tin on the top of the pile.

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Vintage key heaven.

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Also vintage tin heaven.

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Somehow always see the coolest cars when I'm with Rory. I think I go well with this baller purple camper van.

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Then we saw a tree that looks like a giant pineapple. What is this monstrosity and where can I get one?

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We walked approximately three thousand miles up a hill to Horniman Museum & Gardens, which was absolutely stunning. I took off my awful sandals immediately and Rory cracked us open a few Stella to sip while we lay in the sun.

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Hey, London!

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And I'll leave you with a fine picture of these llama/alpaca's bums.

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Sophie said...

This really does looks like a perfect Sunday!

Grace said...

This looks lovely!! I am after a vintage key to make a crafty wedding present for a friend (the key to a perfect marriage). I'm a londoner too - which market is this??
Grace xXx

Louise Duffy said...

Everything in this post is far too pretty! I want your Sunday! :)

Sarah said...

I love the colors in your photos, and that pink dress is the most perfect shade. <3

Joccy said...

Love your pictures and your dress. You really do make the best of your Sundays.

~K said...

A lovely way to spend a Sunday. I always get blisters when I walk, my feet are practically one giant callous now... it's disgusting :)

Becca Allen said...

All your photos are as charming as always. I need to know where & what flavour that ice cream is from! I too am feeling the burn from the weekend... x