Columbia Road Flower Market

Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Sunday again!

Quick summary: Columbia Road Flower Market. Overwhelming crowds. Beautiful flowers. Bit of rummaging. Hackney City Farms cafe. Eggs on toast. Friends so cool they wear sunglasses indoors. Marathon vintage shopping.

Unpictured: The delicious pear and ginger muffin a friend bought over. Eaten too fast for documentation. 

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Joccy said...

Once again your pictures are beautiful, the flowers look so pretty. The only flowers here yet are the ones I buy at crazy daisies! Your Sundays are so much more exciting than mine, rec room cleaning is not all that exciting! Ha. Love and miss you! Keep posting.

Ibbs Quinton said...

I love everything about this post :)
It's just how weekends should be spent- friends, food, flowers!
x x
{The Lobster & Me}

sanja said...

Beautiful pictures! Love all those wonderful flowers


Ashley D said...

beautiful flowers! wish I had them all.

Louise said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures! I've been wanting to go for ages, and you've inspired me to finally go! x

Becca Allen said...

Oh ma gawd I just want to live my life through your lens! The flower market looks amazing, I'm going to look into it - but the crowds at these things do put me off a bit, I like off the beaten track a bit more x

HANNAH H said...

Everytime I visit London, I always go home on the Sunday morning, so Ive never gotten to go to Columbia Market. It does look amazing! :)

Emilie said...