Sunday, April 13, 2014

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Last night we barbecued. Well, Joe did. The rest of us sat around and drank Pimm's and talked until the bbqing was done.
I'm loving Spring here, warm days and warm evenings, reading outside and long walks in green parks.

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Sarah said...

These photos are just gorgeous and your meal looks so delicious. :) I just stumbled across your blog and am very happy to have done so! I'll be following from now on. xoxo

New Girl in Toon said...

This looks so so good and Im very jealous! It's freezing in the North East so there's no way we'll be BBQing any time soon :(

Chloe x

Naomi Wilson said...

This makes me so excited for warm, summer evenings with friends. It's such a lovely feeling! The photos you take are beautiful.

Naomi xo

Katie Albury said...

Oh wow all that food looks so great! I'm looking forward to our first BBQ outside...evenings like that always put everyone in such a great mood!
Katie x

Hannah T. said...

Lovely pictures! It looks so cosy :). And haha, I'm also never BBQing myself, just sitting around and waiting until my food is ready :D.

I really love your blog! I'm following you now on GFC and Bloglovin' :)

x Hannah