Sunday Morning Breakfast

Sunday, April 6, 2014

 photo E193AA8D-694D-41E6-ACF2-C8148718171E.jpg

 photo 42B6B7B1-2111-471E-A1EC-DF62F79B02BF.jpg

 photo BF72F520-1D80-43F4-9282-A33136787A06.jpg

 photo 44622343-2D50-4E54-90A8-D7B299FA65A2.jpg

1. pretty flowers + bowl
2. pretty flowers + bowl + vanilla yogurt
3. pretty flowers + bowl + vanilla yogurt + banana
4. pretty flowers + vanilla yogurt + banana + granola and pecans
= Sunday Morning Breakfast

(tip: eat in bed with the window open)

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Joccy said...

A great way to start your day! Unfortunately, if we opened our bedroom window to eat breakfast, we would have frozen yogurt!!! Ha

Niken said...

great combo!

Alice said...

Eating in bed with the window open really is the best thing, isn't it?

Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

Nathalie Alexandra said...

cute pictures

she. said...

Lovely Pictures, I love the market pictures.

Hayley Solano said...

That bowl!!! So cute and cheerful! Perfect way to start the day ♥

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