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Monday, February 22, 2010

love all over. heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches. giant love cookies. birthday cupcakes and owl rings and teapots. yummy yummy sushi. homemade poptarts. heart shape birthday party cupcakes. pink valentine pancakes with heart bananas and strawberries and whipped cream. cute-as-a-button shortbread cookies and valentine packages.

i hope your february is full to the pink heart shaped sparkly brim of love

love love

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Sarah said...

hi sweetie, it's great to have you back! :) all those lovely food photos are just perfect. they look so pretty and i wouldn't be able to eat them, nono. i've only eaten packed poptarts, not homemade. i'm sure they were really delish. everything looks so lovely, literally! <3 care to send some over? hehe! and iciiing! how can anyone resist icing? yumm! they're just so pretty, sara!

i recently had a short break as well, and i couldn't get myself to start on anything - that's why i'm suffering now. hehe. you should start doing your work! :) and not procrastinate - i do that a whole lot, all the time!

yeah, polaroid film is crazily expensive. it's so sad.

i'm slowly getting used to the iphone now, hehe. much better than how i started out, but still not as good.

can't wait to hear from you again, love! have a beautiful winter's break <3 xx

Sarah said...

i used my blogspot 'cos i somehow can't access my open id - wordpress. :( oh wells!

-simply sporadic

the maisies said...

the button biscuits are to die for! can i sew them on my coat for midday snacks?

Sara said...


I love all the photos honestly!

Ania said...

sushi! pancakes! pink icing! too much :)))
props to whoever had the patience to cut hearts out of bananas...


Anonymous said...

that post was so cute, it made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside haha (: all of those foods are so adorable!!

Lulu said...

these all look so yummy! mmmm =]


Len said...

Hi Sara!

This looks just delicious! The buttons are cute!

New polaroids will be launched the 22nd of March by the so called 'impossible project'! Just google it!

Len from A little hamster (via the Drifter and the Gypsy)

daisy kate said...

wow! these are all so pretty and yummy looking, did you make them all yourself? If you get a second, please take a look at my blog @ www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com/


danica said...

oh my! such delicious AND adorable looking food. i want to try those shortbread buttons as well - they are super cute :)

Anonymous said...

i love how the way button cookies are, how sweet ! :)

ashley said...

those are the most adorable treats i have ever seen!
the shortbread cookies look the most amazing-
x ashley

Giovanna ♥ said...

These look sooo yummy!!!
Thanks for sharing :)

Mila said...

it's perfection to me,


Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I loved that music video. So sweet. Ive never seen it before. Looked like the best day ever.

miranda said...

The cutest cakes ever, makes me happy and hungry :)