red song (birthday wish)

Monday, February 8, 2010

today is my last day as a teenager, tomorrow i will be a twenty year old!
so strange, really.
but i'm excited.

hope you're all well
love, love

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sara!

It's really good to have you back. :) I apologize on my part too, for taking so long to reply your comment - my internet at home as been out since Friday. But anyhow, the cupcakes in the post before this looks absolutely delish! It's been quite a while since I had some pretty cupcakes in my tummy, hehe.
And yours just made me really hungry. Mm.

And a happy & blessed twentieth to you, sweetie! :) I hope your day is filled with much fun and laughter and most importantly, love. :) Thanks for being such a sweetheart in the blogging world. Do have a blast, alright? Can't wait to read up on your special day. :))

Take care, Sara. Will catch you soon, love. <3

p/s: hopefully my internet's up and running by then. xx