cupcakes and rummage sales!

Friday, February 5, 2010

there is nothing sweeter than a yummy pink frosted cupcake with a big glass of cold milk.

dozens of pale blue and light pink frosted cupcakes with little flags and tiny mint chocolates on the top.

and little moustaches!

i bought these four tiny bottles at an art rummage sale. what should i fill them up with? glitter stars? wishes? whispered secrets? what would you fill them with?

i also bought these two photo frames and some tiny paper doilies. some tiny brown paper bags and a box of drawing charcoal. so many goodies, my room is full to the brim!

i'm trying to catch up on comments, i'm so sorry it has taken me this long!
love, love x

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Anonymous said...

oh! those cupcakes are adorable i wish i could eat one right now, i love the ones with the moustaches! <3 also about those bottles, you could put dried flowers in them? or maybe glitter, glitter always looks so magical and pretty like fairydust <3

Mila said...

just love it!
gorgeous photographs...


Anonymous said...

oh how pretty. i love the sweet colors of these yummy little things.

Sara said...

the cupcakes are making me hungry...and do fill the bottles with wishes!

ERRA-TRON said...

wow these images are just soo devine.
lots of blogging love erica

esme and the lane way said...

Gorgeous cupcakes!

(It too ages for the verification word to come up so I kept refreshing the page, and when it finally worked it was 'tries', hehe)

Ivory Faces said...

How wow sweetie I love the bits you have bought. I also love how you have decorated your walls xxx I'm looking at doing a free photo give away would you be intrested in having a picture of mine on your wall: Go here and choose a print.

Hannah x