beautiful march

Friday, March 19, 2010

march has been a month of: rehearsals rehearsals rehearsals, shoes, dresses, leopard print, yoga, walks in the park, warm warm weather, visits from family, opening nights, wonderful shows, amazing audiences, too many cookies, potato stamp saturdays, survey thursdays, last minute papers, sunshine, shopping trips, spring cleaning, roommate chatting, yummy french vanilla drinks, ice cappuccinos, parties and excitement for the upcoming summer.

love, love

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vintageveggie said...

potato stamps are my absolute favorite!

Mila said...

oh wow.
that looks all so pretty and cute!
happiness is shining through!


Anonymous said...

your march sounds absolutely splendid, sara! those cookies look really pretty and delish! and love the potato stamps. i remember doing that back in school.

and that's one beautiful birthday party you had. everything looks so lovely and perfect. especially adore that blackboard photo. <3

am so glad you're back after a long break, sweetie! happy you're doing just fine and are coping well. missed you much.

have a beautiful & dreamy weekend, sara! xx

the maisies said...

potato prints! i am so getting my paints and vegetables out this morning.

ps. would you like to swap links? we really like your blog!

Rachel said...

I also love those potato prints, especially that they are leaves. I might just try that!

Anonymous said...

really cute pictures!! potato stamps are awesome :D

Anonymous said...

Blessed Easter, Sara! I hope everything is going on lovely for you there. :)


The Zhush said...

Oh my gosh....YUM! And good luck with all those rehearsals...I mean break a leg! :)