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Saturday, October 25, 2008

most of these are a collection of things i've seen on blogs recently, but i love them so i thought i'd share:

one pretty thing is a lovely site with loads of diy and decorating ideas, plus lots more! i love going on and just seeing what new ideas have been posted. this idea for spiderwebs is a great decoration for halloween.

cardmaking by hello lucky! i have never actually seen this book but it looks so adorable. i may ask for it for a christmas present. i would only be so lucky to get it!

this collection of typewriter ribbon tins! isn't it unique? i never ever knew there were so many different types. my favortie is the borough one above. wouldn't it be neat to have all of these on your desk or in your kitchen or on your shelf to keep little treasures in?

have you lost your camera? maybe you'll find it here! this site is so sweet, it posts some photos from found rolls of film or cameras, and helps people recover their pictures! i would hope if i ever lose my camera or film that it will be found on this site.

right now all the leaves on my school are pretty much fallen off, but this polaroid is one i took during my walk last weekend. fall is just so so pretty.

speaking of polaroids, i'm sure you have seen this around but i thought i'd post it because it seems pretty awesome! this site takes your regular photos and shakes em into polaroid pictures. unfortunately the program doesn't work on my computer, but i've heard nothing but good things about it around on the web, so try it out! you'll have your very own online polaroids.

this oui ring from user pickypicky on etsy! it is adorable. there are bunches of other sweet jewelry on there as well.

and finally, feist and the constantines singing island in the stream. so beautiful!

hope your weekend is going well <3

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danica said...

These are wonderful tips, Sara! Thanks heaps - i will check them out now :) said...

Oh, thanks so much for the mention! It's an honor to be listed in such lovely company. I'm off to check out some of these links...

wishwishwish said...

lots of lovely things! : )

sara said...

x danica - i hope you enjoy them as much as i do! <3

x rachel - you're so welcome! how could i not mention you after stumbling upon such a lovely site :)

x wishwishwish - aren't they so? <3