canopy beds and pink frosting

Sunday, November 2, 2008

hello! it's been ages since i last posted but i've been busy busy with school and getting my halloween costume all ready. me and my friends went as superheros, i was the purple one and my powers were invisibility! wouldn't that be great?

i haven't really been taking any pictures of my own lately, so here are some pretty and interesting things that i found and saved from the internet. i don't know where they are from, so if they are yours and you'd like credit don't hesitate to tell me!! i just save and post without keeping addresses.

i love:

<3 french toast with icing sugar

<3 waking up all toasty in my bed under my quilts

<3 learning about ancient greek civilization

<3 grocery shopping and buying lots of yummies, like oat and honey crumble granola and peppers and kiwi and raisins!

<3 snow! we have a bit on the ground now, and that sharp winter smell is in the air. i can't wait to play in it.

<3 getting to see my brother soon! i'm heading home this weekend for five days, and i am so so excited about it.

<3 white grapefruits

<3 pink frosting on cupcakes

<3 meeting new people every day

<3 sticking to a plan
<3 baby animals, oh that deer!

<3 hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream and bits of white chocolate

<3 when it snows and snows and you curl up with friends and watch it come down in fluffy flakes through the window

<3 giving compliments

<3 my middle of the week mini weekend, i don't have any classes on wednesdays so it's a nice break!

i hope your week is filled with things you love and cuddly kittens!

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Mila said...

Wooooow, what an amazing post!
This truly made my morning, Sara...
Thanks a lot for that.

Thanks also for your sweet comment on my blog.
I'll add you tomy blogrol right away!


Betsey said...

oh lovely lovely list!
i love studying ancient greek civilization as well!

ashley said...

thank-you for your lovely comment on my blog~ i am so glad to thus stumble upon yours~ and i truly love all the things you do, and your image choices~ what a beautiful place this is!

x ashley

sara said...

x mila - i'm so glad that this made your day a little more special! and thank you so much for adding me <3

x betsey - greek civ is so interesting isn't it? all of their gods and myths are beautiful to read about and try to understand

x ashley - thank you thank you! it's so nice to share beautiful things with others <3