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Saturday, November 29, 2008

tell me, what did you dream last night?

this post is sort of going to be a little of this and a little of that. i'm going to post some links i have been looking at recently! some of them may have been found on your blogs, some are sites my friends have told me about, and some are sites i've just stumbled upon while clicking around on the big spiderweb!

this tiny pony is adorable. i wish to have it for baby roxenna. she is so so darling! like a toy.

i've been doodling all week long, not getting any studying for finals done. i'll draw myself onstage as an actress and wish to skip all the uni part in between!

i want to be the girl in this photo, fearless and seeing new york from a brand new perspective. i want to go back to new york so, so bad.

for christmas it would be so lovely to give (or get!) this beautiful real leaf necklace. in addition to being stunning, a tree is planted for each necklace bought! can you even get a better piece of jewelry?

i don't know about you all, but i've been stressing a lot lately over final assignments and final exams coming up. jannypie.com has a cute little de-stress booklet for you to print off! it's a bit like keri smith's work - which is by far a compliment! my printer is sadly out of ink (from all the papers i have been printing off!!) but i will definitely be printing this adorable book off when i get the chance.

oneword. i do this all the time. it's actually calming and refreshing. try it, really.

kindnotes is a lovely little shop with tiny envelopes and ribbons and jars for creating a lovely gift to give. it's such a sweet gift idea! i may do it for a secret santa with one of my friends this year, it's so thoughtful and heartfelt.

i hope those give you lots to do this end of november weekend! can you believe on monday it will be december? i am so excited for snow and family and christmas!

i've been writing in my journal and painting paper with watercolor paints in pastel colors. i've been eating cheerios for breakfast because i am out of bread for toast. i've been counting down the days until i go home. i've been watching the sky.

have a beautiful day, lovelies.

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Betsey said...

thank you for your sweet comment!

this post is so lovely! i have never thought to look up what my dreams might mean! what a good idea...now if only i could remember..

Rosie Posie said...

Thank you for your ever so sweet comment!! You have such a lovely blog!!

I love your pictures, and what a wonderful list of little links!! My favourites were the 'one word' link and the website wher you make the tiny jars with little envolops, jut adorable!!

Gosh, you dont want to know what I dreamt about last night!! What an odd one it was!! Purple bunnies, family, x factor, moving house, cats that turn into tennis balls, an ex boyfriend who was ill (and I wouldnt wish it on him, honest, I was sad for him!!), lost in mazes looking for my boyfriends little sister, it was just bizarre, chocolate mouse that kept dissapearing whn I went to eat it!! It would take me a long time to look up what all of that meant!!

Your dream sound lovely though :) I once had a dream that I had a little girl, she was called Leah, and she was just so swet!! The dream really affected me, it made m long for a baby, but I was only 15!! I decided that when I did have a baby, she would be called leah, because I had loved her so much and wanted her to be ral. But my cousin had a little girl a year later, and she was called leah, so she has become real, and I love hr to bits!!

Take care, I will be visiting your beautful blog again.


ashley said...

i just added you to my bloglist...x

sara said...

x betsey - you are so welcome! i find it hard sometimes to remember my dreams too, but when i do i like to write them down in a dream journal

x rosie posie - thank you :) that does sound like an odd dream! i think everyone has some very very strange dreams every once in a while. it's our minds way of telling us to let go every now and then i think :)
that is adorable that your cousin had a little girl who shares the same name as your dreambaby. i would love to meet roxenna angel some day!
thank you thank you thank you, i will love to see you back here again <3

x ashley - thanks so much for adding me doll! i've got you in mine as well! and also thank you for your lovely comments in my other entries. <33

Anonymous said...