things i love thursday

Thursday, October 9, 2008

i've never actually done a things i love thursday! but i figure i'd give the blogs namesake something to stand up to so here goes!

-when paintings turn out as you imagine

-this skirt

-knowing that i get to go home tomorrow, and see my family and my puppy and my friends whom i miss unbelievable. getting to sleep in my own bed and drive with my sister in her new car even though we don't have the same taste in music

-fall weather, and the ivy on my school turning orange and then bright red and now deep deep maroon

-the story of mukadzi negarwe, the woman and the crocodile, that was told to us in a storytelling class this week. the storyteller was so passionate and had purple streaks in her white hair. she lived in zimbabwe for a few years doing research on storytelling, and told the story beautifully - and then showed us a videoclip of the woman she heard the story from telling it. it was so beautiful, every movement the woman made symbolized something in the story, and the women around her singing parts of the repetition - i could have listened all day. she spoke of the jacaranda trees in bloom this time of year, and how they covered the streets with purple flowers. i hope to someday be able to see this for myself.

-my acting journal. it is just a stupid little 32 page blue exercise book that i didn't take seriously at first, but now i realize that writing in it will actually help me in the future - i can look back on all my fears and mistakes and see how i really felt about them in my first year of theatre school.

-the little houses i made out of photo frame corners that live by my doorway! my friends think i'm nuts, i think they're jealous ;)

-chocolate chips. they are oh so bad. but oh so good.

-simon pegg and all of his movies - shaun of the dead, hot fuzz, run fatboy run - they are so so so unbelievable funny. i can't stop laughing when watching any of them. and they remind my of my dad, he and i have exactly the same sense of humour. i can't wait to see how to lose friends and alienate people!

-"we are aware that it may become confused with what doctors call "the will to live" and we are aware that some beliefs are what others would dismiss as "garbage." we are aware that there are men who believe the earth is flat and that the birds bring forth the sun.
bound here in our own pecliar mortality, we do not wish to see or see others see that which signifies life's demise. we do not want to hear the voice of our father, as did those other sons, calling down his own particular death upon him.
we would shut our eyes and plug our ears, even as we know such actions to be of no avail. open still and fearful to the grey hair rising on our necks and if and when we hear the scrabble of the paws and the scratching at the door."
--alistair macleod

ALSO <3 :
going to all of my classes and not feeling tired in between, getting to level 43 in the impossible quiz, learning about herodotus in greek civilization, the toilet paper pyramid in my bathroom, knowing my friends across the island miss me as much as i miss them, talking to exes and being comfortable with it, my new brown jacket and boots, my cousins love for her new school, writing smile notes on stickies and putting them on the backseat of busses for people to find.

have a good thursday, lovlies <3

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the tea drinking english rose said...

wow, those trees look amazing, i wish i could see them one day also.

i know how you feel about missing your home comforts.
i have to go back to uni tomorrow, and will miss home so very much.

the tea drinking english rose said...

i miss it loads already. and it's only been a day.

BlossomClothing said...

Blossom Clothing has moved!
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wishwishwish said...

i totally love the impossible quiz. not sure where i got but i havent finished it. haha.

sara said...

x the tea drinking english rose - they would be so amazing to see! i hope you and i get over our homesickness quickly <33

x wishwishwish - i haven't even come close to finishing it. i figure level 43 is a pretty good acomplishment though haha :)