paper thin walls

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my wallmate always plays guitar and sings in his room and since the walls are so thin i can hear him all the time and it's like having my own little concert periodically during the day.

it snowed this morning!! which is crazy since it's the beginning of october, but not entirely shocking since it is newfoundland. the weather here has always been off center.

i bought a tree canvas today, my friend bought the other one with the colors inverted which i wanted to go with this one but she took it first, sadly. she's giving it to her boyfriend. i told her to tell him to paint me a picture as consolation, because he paints these really bright cool pictures.

i had the day off from classes, so we walked to west street and got some hot chocolate and went to BARGAIN! BARGAIN! BARGAIN! BARGAIN! THE BARGAIN SHOP! yes, that is it's real name. and we don't call it the bargain shop, every time we say the name (which we do as much as possible) we say the whole thing. it makes it exciting and who doesn't need more excitement in their lives?

i have classes tomorrow all day, and then i have three classes friday and i get to go home!! me and my friends from the other side of the island are sososo excited to see each other. wow i said excited a lot.

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x said...

you make Thursday Afternoons inspiring..x

Mila said...

Beautiful! <3

Enjoy your classes, sweety...