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Sunday, November 8, 2015

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Back to London we went, and back to Borough Market to get some ciders for Felicia's boyfriend (and a 10am sample for me.. how could I resist?)

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Had a bit of a laugh after I spotted this and had to stand at it shouting after Felicia to come back and see it as she had barrelled off around the corner haha

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Obviously another trip to Liberty's was necessary, Felicia needed to pick up some more chocolates for presents and I needed to fawn over the Liberty scarves

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Cheeky cronut from DumDumDonuts at Boxpark for later

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Casually strolled through Green Park toward Buckingham Palace and couldn't resist taking some autumnal park photos.

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I was not quite as casual as Felicia.

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Totally interrupted a guy having his lunch who stuffed the remainder of his Pret sandwich into his mouth to take this photo for us (thanks dude!).

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Took this silly photo at Trafalgar Square between two pointing fingers - naughty blogger didn't even look at any plaques telling what this was there for/who it was by. (Google tells me it's a 25-ton sculpture by a Mexican artist, Jose Rivelino Moreno Valle, as part of the Contemporary Mexican Sculpture exhibition!)

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Look up! A Banksy!

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Dinner was another off of Felicia's London To Do List - Dishoom

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I'm not one for spice, but oooooohhh this was so delicious.

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We went to the one in Shoreditch (7 Boundary Street, E2 7JE) and tucked into lamb samosas, pau bhaji, naan (obviously), chicken tikka and paneer tikka. 

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Mannnnn, it was good. Highly recommend! Also recommend sitting outside, the smells of the incense and the decor really transports you.

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We headed to New Cross then, and sat in a Costa to sneakily eat our zebra cronut from earlier while we waited to head to Bella's party.

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