Afternoon Walk in Stanmer Park

Thursday, November 26, 2015

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Yesterday afternoon my boss, Trevor, and I went for a walk at Stanmer Park with his dog, Seb. I hadn't been since living in Brighton, which is a shocker as it's literally just up the road from me!

It was a bit of a grey day but not too cold and surprisingly not raining, so it actually ended up being a really nice walk! Seb spent the entire time running ahead of us as Trev and I navigated our way through the muddy path. It reminded me of being a kid and heading to my cabin in my rain boots (wellies!), intentionally getting them stuck in mud puddles and having to be carried out.
We saw cows and horses and sheep and lots of other dogs along the path including a very cute Whippet which I'm now wanting to own.

We did a full loop around the park and walked through Stanmer, a cute little street with tiny stone houses all in rows. It was so very English, and made me realize how little time I have left to see things like that.

We made our way into Stanmer House, which is massive and beautiful. Several roaring fires were keeping the high-ceilinged rooms toasty warm, and we sat on plush couches in front of one of them to have a bit of lunch. Seb lay at our feet, and I'm sure all three of us could have gone for quite the nap had we not, you know, been in a public place having lunch. Although I'm sure Seb could have gotten away with it, but he was too busy hoping for a bit of bacon from Trev's sandwich.

When we got back to the car we realized we'd been walking for hours, and mud-covered Seb immediately lay down in the back seat which I'm sure will be a treat to clean.

If you live in Brighton (or are visiting for a few days!) I definitely suggest going to Stanmer Park. I wish I'd gone more while here, but I'm happy I got to go at least once and with good company as well.

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Sophie said...

Ah I've been to Brighton plenty of time but never here. Have to add it to my list!