Feeling Festive with TTDER

Thursday, November 19, 2015

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Tuesday afternoon I hopped on a train to head to the lovely Tea Drinking English Rose's house for a sleepover. Charlotte met me at the station and we practically blew back to hers, it was so so windy and rainy! Not exactly the nicest weather, but luckily inside Charlotte's it was toasty warm and oh-so-cozy. And, of course, we had a cup of tea straight away.

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We sat on the couch and chatted away for a little while, and then Sebastian (her lovely beardy man!) and his sweet mum came in for more tea and chats. After Sebastian's mum left, Charlotte cooked us some dinner and we munched in the living room.. and then a bit of silliness ensued - for some reason Charlotte and I decided to braid our hair as beards and have a mini bearded photoshoot?? I don't know what got into us, but my suspicions lie in the Winter Berry and Prosecco crisps from M&S we snacked on (sidenote: if you haven't tried those, go get them immediately. Crisps covered in gold stars.. not sure there is a more festive treat).

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After we'd calmed down a little we went into town to meet our friend Chris for a drink and board games at one of their local pubs. We attempted to play Cluedo but all that was in the box was the board, Mrs Peacock and the lead pipe so I feel the mystery wouldn't be all to hard to solve. Instead we played Connect Four (seriously, how long since you've played that game!?) and had quite a laugh doing speed rounds and blind rounds.

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We ended the night having mince pies and mulled winter juice, all of us completely knackered and going to bed almost immediately afterwards.

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Wednesday morning Charlotte and I woke up and made tea and porridge - bakewell porridge! Almond essence and cherry jam and creamy oats with a cup of tea and our pyjamas in the morning sun, couldn't have asked for a nicer, more calm morning.

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We then watched Christmas films - Arthur Christmas and The Santa Clause - while eating all the festive treats; glitter macarons, more Prosecco crisps and Christmassy fruit buns filled with brandy cream. All the while snapping pictures and chatting and laughing loads and loads.

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All too quickly it was time to leave my little elf buddy and return to Brighton. I packed up my floral bag, and Charlotte walked me to the station and we reluctantly said goodbye to one another. I'm unsure when I'll see her again as I'm moving home so soon.. it's never fun having to say goodbyes and harder when it's someone you've grown so close to.

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But, next time we see each other there'll be a miniTTDER (!!!!) joining us on our elf adventures and I'm certain it will be just as lovely and fun and giggly as always. I love spending time chez TTDER & Sebastian, and I'm already looking forward to the next time :)


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