A Thursday Afternoon

Sunday, July 20, 2014

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How to have a lovely Thursday Afternoon:

1. Wear shorts because it is hot hot hot out (yay, Summer!)
2. Head to Brick Lane after work
3. Meet up with the sweetest girls (CharlotteMelodie and Abigail) at the coolest cafe (Kahaila!)
4. Order a cake and an iced coffee for your dinner because you are a responsible adult
5. Have long chats about weddings, Disney movies, cheese, baking and moving to other countries
6. Wander through the streets of London
7. Attempt selfies on windy bridges with the sun in your eyes
8. Finally get a (pretty) decent one
9. Laugh until your face hurts because all the non-decent ones are ridiculously bad
10. Go home with a happy heart


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~K said...

All responsible adults have cake for tea, that's what I like to tell myself :)

Rachael said...

~That cake looks incredible! I sure don't eat cake enough, i'll have to work on that!

Sarah said...

I've never met Charlotte but we have been pen pals for awhile now and I was surprised and happy to see the photo of you together! :)

Niken said...

sounds like a great ingredients

Candy said...

Kahaila looks amazing! My usual haunt on brick lane is The Vintage Emporium (I even reviewed it on my blog), but I might have to branch out!

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