Thursday Night

Thursday, June 12, 2014

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Last Thursday night after work we headed to The Loft in Clapham for boozy milkshakes. I know. Boozy milkshakes.

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The place has been on my London To-Do list since before I moved over here, and what better night to go than a Thursday? Just kidding. Any night is good for boozy milkshakes. (How many times do you think I'll end up saying that in this post..)

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Tiff and Joe scanned the menu

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And both ordered a little mac & cheese to hold them over until the milkshakes. Don't worry, it wasn't just the mac & cheese - a couple of Stella's also held them over.

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Rory and I started with a few Uncle Buck's to get the evening going.

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And then it was boozy milkshake time. Should I be capitalizing that, maybe? Boozy Milkshake Time.

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Tiff and Joe both went for the Chocolate Threesome, and that greenish beaut you see directly above there is a Bad Ass Pimp. Because I, myself, am a Bad Ass Pimp. (I actually ordered it because it had pistachio ice cream. Anything pistachio and I'm there.)

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Obviously had some crab cakes to go with my Boozy Milkshake. Because that is a normal dinner combination.

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It was a nice evening so we headed to Clapham Common with an excessive amount of wine for a Thursday.

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The sunset was a beaut!

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And then we got a cute little photo.

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And then I got a charlie horse in my leg and ruined it.

The end.

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Niken said...

boozy milkshake time! you should patent that phrase, i think. this sounds fun, and judging by the menu name, it clearly can make you high enough? haha

PinkCatJo said...

Boozy milkshakes? I need to visit this place. What a fun way to spend a sunny Thursday evening! x

PinkCatJo said...

Boozy milkshakes? I need to visit this place. What a fun way to spend a sunny Thursday evening! x

~K said...

Boozy milkshakes... They sound amazing!

Joccy said...

What an awesome way to spend Thursday evening, wonderful friends, wine, milkshakes, food and to end it off a glorious Charlie horse! Ha

Sara Louise said...

I have never heard of a boozy milkshake before but now I really, really want one.

Chloee said...

What a cute place
Love the sound of boozy milkshakes x

Sarah said...

Your photos of London make me so happy, and those milkshakes look amazing! I want one immediately. ;)