Sweden: Uppsala Part 2

Sunday, June 29, 2014

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Our last day in Uppsala was so lovely. Johan took us for a bike ride near his parents house to Gamla Uppsala. The scenery there was stunning, my pictures really don't do it justice.

We played Kubb, and it was a pretty close call but Johan ended up winning despite me and Tiff having beginners luck at the start.
We finished the day at Johan's parent's house for a BBQ with his parents, his sister and her boyfriend. Chatting about Canada and Sweden, football and travel. Then rhubarb cheesecake! Great end to our time in a new city.

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~K said...

That scenery is lovely!! I love getting my bike out to just ride around. You can see a lot, but not too much and not too fast like you see in a car, plus it's so much easier to stop and take photos :)

Niken said...

what a gorgeous place. and it looks so calm too. glad that you had a lovely time there

Alice said...

Sara, you are too adorable. Sweden looks incredible!! It isn't somewhere I'd ever have thought to visit, but now I've seen your pictures? Right up there.

Alice xx |The Cup and Saucer

Charlotte Rigby said...

Sweden looks so fun and colourful, glad you enjoyed your trip!