summer reads so far

Sunday, June 26, 2011

1. sophie kinsella can you keep a secret
i've read this book every summer for the past few years. it's light and funny and i love sophie kinsella's writing, her character's are charming and endearing albeit slightly dimwitted at times. but that only makes them more loveable!

2. gretchen rubin the happiness project
i picked this up on a whim one day and read it in one sitting. i. loved. it. everything about it. it made me want to better myself, in the same way eat, pray, love did when i first read it, which is always a good thing.

3. elizabeth hay a student of weather
this book took me a while to get into. her writing is lovely but i found it a bit slow at times. it was a lovely story in the end, i never knew what to expect at all as it was recommended to me by a friend but i didn't have much of an idea what it was about. the story of the sisters is kind of a sad one. maybe sad isn't the right word. i'm not sure. i did like this book quite a bit though. it left me with a feeling. i don't know what feeling exactly. okay i'm making no sense now. i did try to read another of her books, garbo laughs, and just could not get into it.

4. lauren conrad sweet little lies
oh my. we all know this is fluff. but i wanted a quick, girly summer read so i borrowed this one from the library and sat out front tanning my legs and read it. it is basically exactly like the hills, mindless entertainment.  that doesn't meant i didn't like it though! 

5. kathryn stockett the help
i cannot say enough good things about this book, although i'm sure you've all probably heard plenty by now. it was wonderful. the story is amazing. if you read one book this summer it should be this one! (i realize it says something similar on the cover of the book, but it is very very true.)

6. beth harbison thin rich pretty
i picked this one up because it was $4.99 on the sale table at chapters. it was a cute little story! sort of predictable but a light summer read. you can probably tell by now that is mostly what i read during the summer - girly, easy to read novels.

7. sara gruen water for elephants
this was wonderful. oh my gosh. i wasn't sure what to expect from it, exactly. but what i got was surprising. i loved jacob. he was an amazing character. i was going to see this movie when it came out just for something to see, and i ended up not going for some reason. i am so, so glad i didn't go and read the book first! now i can't wait to see the movie even more.

8. hilary kerr & katherine power what to wear, where
i was browsing the fashion section at the bookstore and saw this and it caught my eye. the clothes are so cute! and i love the reasoning behind each outfit they chose and the accessories and everything. there really is a guide for every occasion you can think of in there! 

at the moment i'm reading identical strangers by elyse schein and payla bernstein. it's so interesting! it's about twins who were put up for adoption at birth and then were adopted into different families. there's so many interesting twin facts in here which is totally fascinating to me - probably because of my obsession with the olsens as a kid and wanting to have a twin of my own. 

what have you been reading this summer?
are there any books you find yourself reading every summer or in a particular season?

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Daydream Lily said...

aw thank you for the comment on my blog, so lovely! *hugs*

and thanks for the book recommendations, I will bookmark it. I love reading. At the moment I'm reading 'God of Small Things' by Arundhati Roy and 'Surrender' by Australian author Sonia Hartnett.

rebecca said...

ohhh, the identical strangers book sounds really interesting! my best friend is a twin, so i'll recommend it to her (: i'm currently reading villette by charlotte brontë as i really loved jane eyre.

hila said...

hmm, I keep wondering if I should read 'water for elephants' - this convinces me that I should.

Right now I'm reading 'The Unseen' by Katherine Webb and 'The Shadow of the Sun' by A.S. Byatt. Both are good, for different reasons :)

Anonymous said...

there are a couple of books in this list that sound very intriguing. i'm currently reading coastliners by joanne harris. i would recommend anything by joanne harris (start with chocolat), i always read her in the summer and she's one of my favourite authors. x

Bad Joan said...

Summer is a great time to read! Love this list.

All Things Sweet said...

After reading this post i am in the process of looking into reading some of these books. Ahh i love having breaks from uni, more time to read! Thanks for the list xx

Erica Jackson Curran said...

I was just thinking I need some new book suggestions! I just finished T.C. Boyle's "Wild Child," a collection of short stories. A little dark at times, but good!

wilybrunette said...

oh man definitely gonna have to check these out. thanks for passing them along! (the help is one of my all time favorites!!).

Kerry said...

Yay! I absolutely love finding book reviews on new blogs. I tweeted this afternoon as I just CAN'T decide what to read next after devouring two weeks this weekend. Thanks for the recommendations!

Lo said...

I just finished the help and LOVED it.