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Sunday, June 12, 2011

ahhhhh!! i'm so sorry i've been away for so long again! i started a second job and have met so many new people so between work and going out (in addition to losing my internet for two weeks) i haven't been on the computer much. and sadly i haven't been taking many photos lately either. 

ismene was a success! we had a great turnout for the shows and every night was flawless. it was an amazing experience, the people i worked with were all unbelievable actors. (yes, i was in pajamas for 99% of the show. and yes, it was as awesome as it sounds).

mike, the only guy in the show, had the second largest role - and it was only his second play ever! he was also in the fights with me, and he had only three lines in that play in january. to say he is talented is an understatement!

we had a pretty low-key cast party involving chips, salsa, skittles and of course some celebration champagne. i'm always sad to stop working with people at the end of a show's run, but at the same time i am grateful for all that i learned from them and start to look forward to new auditions and new plays in the future. 

i recently sent in my resume and head shot to a company filming in newfoundland in the fall, so i'm hoping to hear back within the next few days whether or not i'll get an audition! fingers crossed!

in addition to the play, another exciting thing happened recently - my brother graduated from medical school and is now officially a doctor! i'm so proud of him it's ridiculous. he is the most well adapted guy i know, he is an amazing student and hard worker but also knows how to have a really good time. he's currently in nashville for bonnaroo.. receiving his texts about the country music award red carpet (which he was across the street from) and knowing he's seen amazing performers like florence and the machine, mumford and sons, arcade fire, robyn, eminem.. (the list goes on and on forever) makes me incredibly jealous. but of course i'm happy for him, he really has his life on track and i can only hope someday i'm as well traveled and set as he is!

my family all came in for the graduation and we had several nights and days of fun together. it was the longest my parents have visited in quite a while so i really loved it. 
(sorry for the photos with the little yellow date - i didn't have my camera with me and borrowed my aunt's pictures from facebook! but it was too important an event not to share :) 

i'm going to stop here because this post is getting a bit long! 
i do have another post planned for as soon as possible - the lovely sarah sent me the most beautiful package and i can't wait to show it to you! it made my day, so i'll be back soon with that.

i hope you're all well and fine - i'll try to catch up on blog reading this week when i get a few spare minutes!
love love love

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loveavenue said...

it's a quote from the bee movie. such a sweet animation :)

i love your photos, great blog! :)

much love,

annnie said...

Such a lovely post, I wish you lots of luck for the filming company!! :)
And also, your brothers so lucky for having the opportunity to see those bands, I guess he deserves it after all those hard years at med school :)
From your new follower x

rachel! said...

wow! that's so exciting. congrats on finishing that! looks like you had a grand time!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so sweet. x hivenn