new things

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a pples and cinnamon
b uying pretty things
c reating plans
d usk
e vening walks
f rozen yogurt
g oing home for visits
h earing new music
i ced lattes and ismene
j umping into things head first
k isses
l aughter with those i love
m eeting new people
n aming things without names
o pening the door to a new friend
p ackages in the mail
q uiet time spent reading
r aspberries even when they stain my lips
s pring weather (when it shows)
t aking pictures, again
u mbrellas overhead when it's pouring
v isiting my aunt
w earing flats
x 's and o's 
y ellow clutches
z ero worries

tell me your abc loves right now! or pick a few letters at least :)
 love love love! 

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Rachelous said...

what beautiful plates :) I always love A and definitely P, it's always exciting to receive packages! x

Kate said...

love these photographs. Especially the dress. :]


Sarah said...

hello lovely.

it was a sweet surprise having you stop at my blog after a really long while. missed you. :) your photos here are beautiful as usual, coupled with your lovely words. i'm thinking my favorites would definitely be frozen yogurt, kisses, laughter with those i love, packages in the mail!, taking pictures, wearing flats, x's and o's and most definitely zero worries!

i should prolly attempt this at my blog some time soon when i have the time. this is briliant!

okay, so i need a heads up because i know you're a frequent traveler, but is your address still the same? :)

hope you're doing well, dearest sara! x

raining sheep said...

Such beautiful photos, so peaceful. This is the perfect place to stop by today. I love that first photo the most.

Anonymous said...

oh i love the headbands... :)

Tang said...

I love that top! Where is it from? :)

Cat said...

Love your new goodies...that birdie plate and matching bowl is my favorite :)

Lauren said...

such a lovely list!
love that top too :)

Jo said...

What pretty pieces! The plates are my favourite - beautiful!


hila said...

they sure are lovely new things :)
those plates look so delicate.

samantha bee said...

this post is delightful. e easter comes upon us, m ango, w earing sun glasses :) such lovely plates xx

rachel! said...

so pretty. i love all your pictures. and this is a cute idea. :)