sparkly sugar cookies and candy cane milk

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

it snowed on the first of december! so beautiful, everything is white and soft now. there are still dogberries on the trees. the red looks lovely covered in white.
i am going home on friday for a week before exams. to cuddle and watch christmas movies and decorate trees and bake gingerbread and walk in the snow and have snowflake eyelashes and snowstorm kisses.
sorry that picture is so terrible, i didn't have my camera when i went for coffee and had to use my blackberry. i had a delicious sugar cookie covered in pink sparkles and a hot candy cane milk. it was delicious, but i ate too much cookie and drank too much milk and hurt my little tummy. how does santa do it?

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Anonymous said...

oh, sounds lovely! i love snow. and i adore your christmas plans! sure sounds like heaps of fun and love.

the sugar cookie looks ever so delish! and candy cane milk, i've never tried 'em. i prolly should some day.

hopefully you're feeling better now, after hurting your tummy.

have a safe trip home, love! xx