pretty lights on the tree, i'm watchin em shine

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the snow's comin down

i'm watchin it fall

watchin the people around

baby please come home

i can't wait to be finished my finals to go home for christmas. i was home last week, baking ginberbread and shortbread and peanut honey bees and peanut butter balls and caramel truffles and gingerstar kisses. i finish school and go home wednesday for 3 weeks and it couldn't come sooner.
saturday i'm going to a concert, monday i see all my friends, tuesday i go to an awards ceremony, wednesday i have a six-month anniversary homemmade dinner date, thursday is christmas eve which brings a very special gift exchange and stocking hanging, and then it is christmas day and i will give presents and open presents and it will be magical.
happen, now, please!

love, love

all photos from anna inghardt

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Mila said...

Ooh, so amazingly beautiful...

It almost makes me want it to snow here too....(almost!)


Anonymous said...

oh such beauty. yeah, her photos are absolutely lovely. very ethereal. :) your weeks plans sounds so lovely. i envy! hehe.

i can't wait to be done with my finals as well. all these christmas excitement is getting me impatient to be done with my exams. :D

hope your finals goes well for you. especially with all the last-minute revisions! all the best, love. i shall be checking in often. can't wait to hear about your special events.

much love,
sarah x

Anonymous said...

oh thankyou for your comment dear, narwhals are such beautiful creatures aren't they, unicorns of the sea ♥

also, this post is so lovely, the delicate, snowy pictures fit perfectly with your exquisite words ♥

cody said...

wonderful pics!!


Mandi said...

love the pale colors of these!

mart and lu said...

i agree with mandi...pale colors are fantastic. they look so dainty!

Chloe said...

the photos seem magical when they have this washed out effect on them.

sara said...

these are so pretty ♥ i hope you have a marvelous and magical christmas :)

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oooh it sounds like your christmas is going to be magical! how lovely!
wonderful photos---they make me smile so much. :)

angela said...

Such beautiful photos - have a wonderful and magical Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

hi sweetie! :)

hope your christmas went well! i'm finally able to catch a breather now. am so sure that you're truly enjoying yourself, aren't you? :) and i'm ever so glad for you!

also, i miss your blogging! so come home soon and keep me (us) updated, love!

as the year comes to a close, soon, i'd like to thank you for being such a gorgeous encouragement. your thoughtful comments have truly kept me going. :) and i truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. it's been beautiful getting to know you through our blogs, really. let's see how the new year goes for us. i'll definitely be checking in here as always!

i wish you an enchanted new years, darling! and do enjoy the remains of this beautiful 2009. can't wait to read your updates from your lovely getaway!

much love,
saraht. x

Ania said...

these are stunning, I just posted about her :)
hope your christmas was lovely.