secret love

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

alright, i must make a confession:
i have a secret love for rachel bilson.

well. maybe it isn't so secret.

she's so tiny and sweet, i just want to put her on a shelf (and maybe steal her wardrobe!)

her clothes are so cute and casual, with a bohemian vibe and whether she's at a fashion show or getting dinner with friends she looks adorable and put together.

if i could have any wardrobe i think it would be hers!

i mean just look at her!

doesn't she make you just fall in love a little bit too?

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PinkBow said...

i have a secret love too - she never seems to get it wrong!

jules said...

i love her as well

vintageveggie said...

oh yes! my crush on her has been quite long standing.

Anonymous said...

ahhh she's such a gorgeous lady. how could you not love her?

Me in Wonderland said...

hi lovely! i have given you an award,because your blog is soo beutiful!

ashley said...

a little in love too!
have a great week-end dear,
x ashley

faerie enchantment said...

She is awesome.
so glad you came by the soiree, don't forget to enter your name in the 7th post for the giveaways!

LILY-SAGE said...

rachel bilson is my secret love too!! she is so beautiful, and her wardrobe is absoluletly lovely!

i hope u had a lovely weekend! i enjoy reading all ur posts darling!

marie said...

rachel is just beautiful! stealing her wardrobe is a great idea (even if I would rather steal her boyfriend:))


erin meagan said...

Rachel Bilson is gorgeous!