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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

wrapped rainbow sweets in a basket
with pink straw and cotton
alone in a warm field


raindrops on the windowsill
a steady trip-hammer
a quiet lull


a bowlfull of kiwifruit
bright green
on the kitchen counter
with sunlight filtering in

tiger lily and tiny teeth

the small hush of trees whispers
in a green forest
full of fairies and secrets

sofia ajram

photos long forgotten
in a tattered suitcase in the attic
stamps from eleven countries pasted all over
memories from lives past inside

sarah gardner

kitten heels and pearls
on a little girl
with a little purse
and a big big dream

mrs french

a smile so lovely it shimmers

messy maisie's

white lily's and violet violets
the sweet smell drifting across the path


found via darling dexter, myth & ritual clothes. their spring 2009 collection featuring stunning girls in stunning dresses, all on polaroid film. so summery and beautiful, i love every single piece.

a surprise ball so lovely it made me smile! i have never heard of these before, but hopefully i can make on this sweet some day. the tiny phone! the tiny deer! it could not be any sweeter.

beautiful stationary amongst other things at and-spring

i love every post on a beautiful mess. the lovely things made are wonderful. i wish i could take one of their online classes!

the drifter and the gypsy posted an interview with the magical sparkle, sarah hermans, from stardust sparkle. go and read right away! she is sweet and charming and her photography is unvelivable. she truly is a magical soul, and this interview captures that.

finally, i must must must link you to this beautiful magical fairy blog:
a fanciful twist

hope your weekend is wonderful
love, love

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jules said...

oh those are so pretty, it was an enchanting post!

Demi said...

thank you very much for your lovely, helpful, inspiring comment honey! you're so lovely :)

absolutely amazing photos!!!!


ashley said...

that post was soo dreamy~ and the images *sigh* beautiful as always my dear:)
x ashley

constance said...

oh those photo graphs are so pretty and dreamy, just like your blog!

Sofia said...

thanks for the feature ♥

heleen db said...

such an enchanting post! It's been long since I've seen such an exquisite collection of photographs

lina said...

love love LOVE these photos!
i want that bunny cookie cutter!

& i have tagged you!

LILY-SAGE said...

so lovely and enchanting! all ur photos where beautiful! (:


marie said...

these pictures are just incredibly beautiful! they made my day:)
thanks for posting them!


amy said...

preeeeetty :)

Anonymous said...