Blackbird Tea Rooms

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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Long time no see. I'm sorry! Bad blogger *taps hand*

My friend Felicia is visiting from Montreal. We haven't seen each other in three years. We met in grade six and I told her I didn't like her because she wore a dress. And now we're forever besties. Sorry Felicia, your dress was probably a lot cooler than my orange hair.

Since Felicia hasn't been to England before, we've been doing ALL the British things. Fish & chips, London touristy bits, walks by the seaside, and, of course, lots of tea and cake. I've got loads of snaps from all our other adventures that I'll share, but for now I'm going to talk about Blackbird Tea Rooms in Brighton.

A few people suggesting I go here during my time in Brighton. and after checking out the website I was sold. A vintage tearoom in the heart of Brighton? Hello, I'm there.

We ordered cream teas (can you believe I've not had one since being back this year..) and quite quickly our giant fluffy scones and pots of English Breakfast arrived at the table, served by a cute waitress in a little white apron.

I loaded my scone (skon, scOHne? I've being saying "skon" a lot more recently for whatever reason.) up with not a small smear of jam and cream and tucked in. We both agreed they were delicious and really had no troubles finishing while catching up and checking out the cute vintage decor all around us. And admiring the mahoosive cakes on the counter.

Even the outdoor garden was adorable, and after a trip to the toilet myself I forced Felicia to go and snap pictures of both the garden and the cute toilet decor (as you do).

Right, I've got plenty more posts to share this week so stay tuned for more! Also, the focus on my DSLR isn't working so I've had to resort to solely iPhone photos :( And instaxes, actually, so I will share those too!

PS. how do you pronounce scone? :)

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Jenny J said...

Sgon! :) x

Bronwyn McConvey said...

What a pretty little place. I can see why people recommended it to you. I wish we had more cute, cosy places like that here in Canada. I suppose they are out there, just a lot harder to find!

Silent Joy said...

Such a cute tearoom! I miss this kind of place! xx

Sara said...

Awwww this is all so cute! :)