Little lunch

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Sunday afternoon Holly and I went into Manchester for the afternoon. We spent the day browsing at vintage shops, Holly getting an impromptu piercing and then lastly, a late lunch at Sugar Junction.

Totally up my alley, it was sort of shabby chic shop with mismatched dishes and menus in books. Holly had a veggie panini and I had a salad and their pea & mint soup (served in a teacup!) and it was completely delicious.

We were a little too full afterwards for tea and cake, but I'll definitely be back there for some another time!

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stephanie lui said...

The photos look amazing ! So does the food! xxx

Rachael said...

What an adorable little place - those cakes look delicious!

Sarah said...

I love everything about this place including the name! The cocktail menu is my favorite detail. <3

Nicole Raybaud said...

What a gorgeous little place!! xx

Rakel said...

amazing pics!

Sienna said...

i love places like this that are so neighborhoody and home-like