Croatian Holiday: Hvar

Sunday, August 17, 2014

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Our second stop on our Croatian Holiday was Hvar, and island to the south of Split. We caught a ferry from the habour in the afternoon during a massive thunder and lighting stom, and arrived to beautiful sunshine in Hvar.

We had a bit of a trek to find our guesthouse, but after settling in and heading to Konzum (the Croatian grocery store we went to daily) for some snacks and ciders we walked to the beach! We called it Taco Beach because of the little sign on the way down, which it obviously was not called. But we thought we were hilarious. Probably not.

The beach was rocky white rocks and warm water, and we hung out for a bit as the sun set and then wandered back towards the guesthouse to get ready for dinner. We stopped along the way to get some more sun on the rocks.. extremely uncomfortable, sharp rocks. Chris kept telling me I just needed to find my "butt groove" but that did not happen so I complained until we got up and kept walking.

The next day we went to the beach again, armed with ciders and ready to soak up the sun. Naturally, despite re-applying sunshine every half hour, I got burnt to a crisp. Typical.

We hiked up to the fortress later that day and I thought perhaps my life would end along the way. It was so hot and being the champion packer I am, all I packed were sandals to wear. By the end of the trip the bottoms had literally fallen off them, but that's another story. I'm sure you're dying to hear.

The fortress was really cool, with stunning views over Hvar of course. You could see all the houses the million-dollar yachts docked in the harbour. So, after the hike, we went down to the yacht we had rented and were greeted with crisp champagne and strawber.. oh waiiiiiit, that's someone else's trip!

Reality: Since I didn't die of exhaustion while exploring the fortress, we immediately got gelato when we got back into the town center. Gelato is a common theme during this trip, I'm sure you'll find. And basically every time I mention getting it you can rest assured that there are two times I don't mention. It was heaven, obviously.

Next up, Korcula! 

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Candy said...

What a gorgeous set of holiday photos - my favourites are the ones of the harbour with all the little boats. Looks like you had a great time on holiday! :)

Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

~ K said...

Croatia is such a lovely place! I always forget to pack sensible walking shoes, I wore a whole pair of sandals on my last holiday.