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Friday, March 21, 2014

I always find pictures I forgot I took when scrolling through my phone photo album. So I thought I'd share a few!

   photo 17E415FF-E4AD-4B5A-A748-46A1BC46BE24.jpg

Gorgeous blooms in Greenwich one sunny afternoon

 photo 4B973B4B-4D31-4BC4-9ADD-7FB5F5463FC1.jpg

Fang and Rabbit and the World

 photo D1C88278-58C9-436A-ABA6-EF9F1137FA49.jpg

I think these were called Traveler's cookies? Or perhaps they were called Crack Cookies. Because I had one and I want more. (At Greenwich Market)

 photo 2C8B99AA-E3A8-4F6B-9832-6A7526DF2F54.jpg

Do not miss that snow, do miss that little face. (A picture my mom sent me!)

 photo ACE3EF0F-27A7-4529-BF45-175A1B2C3A55.jpg

A Chelfie* I took at Hackney City Farms

 photo A3D9A755-7499-4CF7-BD45-1246A35E6E58.jpg

Brunch with Anna at the Book Club

 photo 68BB3BFB-8F24-496D-8F89-6B778148590B.jpg

Houses in puddles

 photo 4DB2D74D-A438-423D-9296-3E7F73B9C886.jpg

Peanut butter cookies my mom baked (Hands up if you think Joc should start a bakery!)

 photo 814F9110-C0B3-4C86-A59F-D80E75BFBF71.jpg


 photo BAE939C8-A785-41BE-BCBC-C123D6F3EA3E_1.jpg

Dum Dum Donuts

Happy Weekend everyone!

*Chicken Selfie

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Ala said...

Is that the cat with no tail that roams around Jerningham Road?!

If it is, we feed her all the time, and have called her Wisbit, she's got quite a sad story but we make sure she is fed because her owners definitely don't!

Love Greenwich in the sun, such a beauty x

Becca Allen said...

Oooh you're getting me all excited for the weekend and summer with your food and sunny photos (aside from your dog in the snow!). Your mum's cookies look amazing x

Niken said...

love that blooming tree!

Anonymous said...

That blossom tree is beautiful and picture of Fang and Rabbit made me laugh!

Joely xxx

basically bonjour


Lovely photos :-) Xx

~K said...

I need to snap more photos with my phone - now that it actually has a decent camera. Great idea for a post!

Katie Albury said...

These are brilliant, such great photos!
Katie x

Xen said...

The cookies you had in Greenwich market are called Trekking Cookies and they are my favourite!