Brockley Market

Saturday, January 18, 2014

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This afternoon, after a bit of late morning tea and breakfast, my flatmates (feels so British to say that and not roommates but when in England..) and I decided to head to Brockley Market, which is just up the road from us. I guess no one had been yet, and it seemed like a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 
I didn't take many pictures, and I only had my phone, but the market was really nice! There were loads of stands in the tiny square; different meat stands, jams, fish, fishdogs (!), coffees, fruit, veg, sweets. When the boys wandered over to the Kooky Bakes stand I followed in suit and somehow the last blueberry cheesecake cupcake was being bought and bagged.
After the market we walked down to Grenwich. It was such a nice day, sort of overcast and sunny. The London Rain held off the entire afternoon. We went through this tunnel under the Thames and sat in a park on the other side for a bit, everyone talking and me eating my cupcake. 
I felt very London today. Can't say it's something I mind :)

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~K said...

mmm tea and crumpets. So classically British, makes me feel all homey inside :)

Becca Allen said...

I love Greenwich and can't wait to get up there in the summer. I really want to go to Brockley market, but I never make it haha! I've heard they have amazing burgers there - key for me when visiting anywhere! x