decisions & questions

Monday, November 8, 2010

i haven't done a whole lot lately that would warrant a lovely blog post
i'm trying to decide a lot of big things right now, and i'm a little frustrated and stressed and a little lonely on top of it all.

i want you to ask me questions!
as many as you would like, about whatever you would like.
and then i'll take the time and answer them all, and do them up in a little blog post sometime down the road.
how does that sound?

ask away!

i'm going on a trip on wednesday, which i am very very excited about. when i come back, i will hopefully have lots and lots to blog about.

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Emma said...

Oh no, hope you're feeling better soon!

Now, a question... who's your ultimate style icon?

Have a lovely time away x

Anonymous said...

question: what's your favorite snack?

and oooh. a trip, to? sounds really exciting, s! :) i'm sure there'll be heaps to blog about when you get back! can't wait.

also, i've just shifted to my very own self-hosted site (! hehe. really excited. but yeah, just thought i'd let you know. :)

have a wonderful trip, darlin'!

Kelsey said...

:( sorry your feeling stressed :(
wanted to send you some hugs to cheer you up <3

Answer My Dream said...

Some questions:
1. Who do you look up to/who inspires you?
2. What's the best book you've ever read?
3. What are your favourite things to do on a lazy day? (apart from the obvious of being lazy)

I hope that helps!

rebecca said...

oooh, hope things get better soon, and that you enjoy your trip (:
and if you could visit anywhere in the world for a week to explore and discover the culture, where would you go? an imaginary trip to go with your real one!