the calligraphy of each other's eyelashes

Friday, October 15, 2010

i'm not sure what to do with myself
i booked a flight so i can get away, for a bit, in november
if you could run away would you? where would you go?

i've started a book with five positive things from the day written in it each night
some days are harder than others, but there always can be five things
i'm reading jeffrey mcdaniel and julia child
i want to see somewhere

i want to act
i want to be someone 
i keep listening to isbells and horse feathers

i'm waiting for something to happen

love, love

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Anonymous said...

hi love! :)

if i could run away right now, i'd escape to a beach. maybe bali. well, you're not the only one who's in thought of not knowing what to do with yourself - i am too. but i'm just taking things step by step. whatever may come my way, that is. :)

you know, you should really act! start small, in school or a club or something. :) go pursue your dream. and i'll definitely boast of knowing and getting a package from you before you get famous. ;)

and ooh, i just blogged about your lovely package! :D and again, i love it, and thank you SO much for it. :)


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

I I could run away now... an isolated beach escape sounds nice. I really like the idea of writing down those five things. It's always nice to end the day on a positive note.

Kate said...

I love your little blog.
I would far away into the depths of a Forrest and try to find a cottage to live in for a few months. Peace and Tranquility. Yoga and hot tea.

rebecca said...

oooh, where are you going? i'd love to run away, but i want to be able to come back... is that weird?

ching said...

have fun on your november trip.
i'd love to get on a boat and just go the next island near here. :D

SimoneV said...

In response to all that.. . . .

me too, hon, me too . . .

Christine said...

you already are someone ...
:) xo