letters, ice cream and winners!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

i have a few letters i need to write!
dear jason,
thank you for paying for my sushi tonight when i realized i took my school id card instead of my debit card.
thank you for loving me even though i eat a lot of ice cream
and thank you for eating it with me most of the time
i had fun with you today, being rebels and skipping class and walking around downtown taking pictures
i like it when you hold my hand tighter when you want to protect me from someone
i also like that you now have a blog! i am excited to see what you post, and also slightly afraid to see which pictures you put up :)

dear dairy queen,
thank you for providing me with banana cream pie and pecan pie blizzards
and thank you for making them mini for people who are small like me

that way, i can eat every single bit and not feel bad after.

dear readers,
thank you for entering my giveaway! i loved reading what you love about your cities
i'm definitely going to do another giveaway soon :)

and finally..
dear sarah,
you won!
email me at sarabloom099@hotmail.com with your mailing address and i'll send your package off right away!
congratulations :)

it's very late and i have class in the morning, so good night dolls!
love loooooove

ps. go read jason's blog, jason with a beard. he's very excited about it (i am too!) and it is a very cute blog if you ask me.
(although i might be a little biased)

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Anonymous said...


i'm so excited and very happy! i've never won a giveaway and it's my first. :D thanks love! will be emailing you very shortly! :)

and ooh, i love the little "dear jason" part in this post. too sweet. :) and i'm a rebel too, haha. skipping classes to spend time with my boyfriend. :D it's also really exciting when the boys start their own blogs, yes! i totally share your excitement, and biasness. haha.

thanks again, sweetie! <3
love much! xx

Anonymous said...

p/s: a note in advanced! i'll most prolly borrow that photo of my name from you. :) but will definitely link back when i do! <3 it's pretty photo! and not because my name's on it but just because it is! :)

kiss me quick said...

oh lovely ^^

xxx kissmequick

Indie.Tea said...

What a beautiful blog entry! Its so sweet and Jason sounds lovely.

Pink Lady said...
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Pink Lady said...

i like your blog a lot! the ice cream looks delicious!!! :)

lauren carney said...

ohhhh fancy,
i love your blog to pieces!
its just grand!

S. Ellen said...

Oh my goodness, i didn't win but for some reason it's wonderful to see my name on one of those little bits of paper!
I love how the internet and blogging can bring girls from all sorts of different places into eachothers lives x

Anonymous said...

I so agree with Ellen. <3
Couldn't say it better myself.

Brooklyn Bettens said...

your blog is so cute!! :)