i'm back!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

hey dolls!
after a long and tiring summer full of ups and downs, i'm back!!
i'm sorry i haven't been keeping up on reading and commenting but now that summer is winding down and school is starting soon i'll be around much much more, i promise.
i won't go through everything that i did this summer, or what happened to make me take a break from blogging, because that is too exhausting to type out.
i'll just start fresh with pictures from today, when i went on a picnic in a valley:

i'm back for good darlins!
love looooveee :)

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vintageveggie said...

gorgeous pics from a gorgeous day.

so good to have you back.

Rosie said...
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Rosie said...

awwww, so lovely to see you back!!!

i keep being a very absent bloger, and have missed so many things! i had a bit of a messy year really, and keep taking little breaks. but its wonderful to see you back an hope your very happy and smiley again!!!

your picnic looks wonderful, i love your blanket :)

oh no!!! allergic to kittys?? im allergic to long hair dogs, otherwise i would most definately get a king charles spaniel one day!!

take care x

Anonymous said...

oh this IS love, sara! :)

i'm so glad you're back, and you seem to be on a very happy note as well! happy that things finally worked out good for you in the end. truly, truly happy.

your picnic photos look heaps of fun! it's been an awfully long while since i sat down for a picnic. it's too hot here so having a picnic in an open field would be a torture. sad much.

i've been good. the start of my summer holidays weren't too good but it slowly picked up and soon i found myself engulfed in much busyness. by the time i started to slow down (like last week), i realized i needed more me-time and it was all about relaxing! time passed me by so quickly and i start classes next monday already. it's gonna be a hectic and heavy semester 'cos it's the start of my final year in uni.

i wouldn't say that turning 21 is that big a deal where i'm at but i've never really celebrated my birthday with friends on a large scale so i thought, why not this time. :) and i believe that it's definitely a good age to be, haha. not too old or young yet!

and you're looking good yourself, too! welcome back again, sweetie! glad that you're here to stay now. starting afresh, minor changes, are always the way to go. in fact, i'm looking to have a new header, haha. but inspiration hasn't dawned upon me yet so i'll just be waiting!

will definitely be dropping by as often as i'm in the blogosphere! you take care and have a beautiful week!

much love. xx

Anonymous said...

i'm happy you're back! i have to confess, i'm addicted in your blog :) i should hope you're better, but i can see you are! :D
the photos are amazing, i wish i had a place like that to have a picnic, haha.
take care. x

Indie.Tea said...

Awww, that picnic looks like so much fun.

costra y ampolla said...

looove picnics!


Athena. said...

These are all so lovely, and summer-y!
They make me so excited for the Spring coming up :) xxx

DIANA DYE said...

Am glad your back and i love this post!!! this picnic is the best awesome fun the sun is charming and you look lovely!!!

have a wonderful weekend♥

kiss me quick said...

I love this. so inspiring.

xxx kissmequick

Natasha Natalie said...

What a beautiful picnic! Love all of these photos!

Anonymous said...

hi sweets! i'm thinking you must be really busy lately. i have been too, anyway. this new semester has been rather difficult already, and it's just the beginning! haha. anyhoo, i hope that everything's been good with you. :) and the photos from the shoot are up! can't wait to hear from you again. take good care, s. much love! x

Anonymous said...

these photos are actually really cool! I love the one of half of you two haha its creative.

Nicole Trundle said...

You have such a wonderful magical blog. Its so nice to see something so light hearted, I love your style. Keep it up you treat x

Love from your newest follower

Jade said...

love these photos!