pumpkin carving

Thursday, October 15, 2009

it's that time of year again

pumpkin carving, roasting seeds, walking in the chilly crisp air in mittens and scarves and hats. holding chapped hands and rubbing windburnt noses.

i still am only happy when i am at home. i really wish things were getting easier but they just aren't.

still, i have a lot to be thankful for and shouldn't be complaining. i'm just in a rough patch right now.

i'll try to comment as soon as i can!
love, love

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the mademoiselle said...

Funny, lovely.

Ania said...

it will get easier. my first year at uni was hell, I was so hopelessly homesick, but then things finally fell into place
+ lovely pictures you have here, too bad I have to get back to writing a boring essay :/

sara said...

ooh!this reminds me that i need to get a pumkin!it looks like you had fun:)

ashleymoe said...

awe I haven't carved a pumpkin in ages. My family never did that.
My grandma cooked the most delicious pumpkin seeds though!