goodbye tears and polaroids

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

well, i've officially moved back to uni.

this is my little room in my chalet apartment.

i did what i could with it to make it cozy and comfy.

since it's my home away from home for the next seven months.

i miss my friends and my boyfriend.

there have been tears on my cheeks and in my eyelashes a lot lately.

but things will get easier.

love, love

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Blair said...

You have the EXACT same desk I do at my college! Weird. :)

Anonymous said...

your apartment room at college is really pretty! even my room doesn't look as pretty as your apartment room. :)

hang in there sara, time passes really fast and in no time, you'll be back, reunited with your beau and lovely friends. :) x

vintageveggie said...

this is so unbelievably beautiful. i wish i could hang things in my dorm room.

it is so hard to say goodbye to loved ones. even for short whiles.

courtney jane said...

sad :( but beautiful

cody said...

cute room.
xx cody

art4friends said...

oh add it too your wish list for sure!!

thanks for poping by my blog.
your room looks lovely.
I hope you feel happier soon.
renee x

Eliza said...

oh, such a lovely room, i love the decorations you did :) take care of yourself dear, things will be fine :) <3

nuha nuha said...


Sundari said...

See your room is making you happier already. College is hard at first cause you are away from what you know, but a lot of fun as you get into it.

P.S. I love the round frames.. what are they? mirrors or photos?

hannah + landon said...

lovely abode!

jules said...

Lovely lovely room! I understand exactly how you feel, I just moved in as well.

ashley said...

love love indeed- your little chalet is lovely, x ashley

caroline said...

wow, i adore your room! it's peaceful and so very adorable. i would love sleeping there.
change rooms?

courtney jane said...

i love, love your blog and photography and ur princess list!! soooo cool is it ok if i adjust it and rise to the challenge to? its so awesome!:)

Madeleine Miranda said...

The room is beautiful, I really like it!

amy said...

your room looks lovely!