small words, small stories

Thursday, January 15, 2009

bowls of cereal with vanilla and crystal almonds and raspberries. mugs of milk. the snow is coming down but the sun is peeking through the white blur. dreamt of tiny ballet slippers and a big field of daisies. polaroids taken out windows in summers past. missing my dearest friend and picnics in fields with lilac breezes and cakes on pink napkins.

small mice have been turning up, with pink pink paws and skinny tails. scuttering through the cupboards, looking for a cracker crumb or a bit of peanut butter. listening to their tiny feet pitter-patter across the linoleum.

soft music in the background as i read of goddesses and their golden hair and beauty. wishing to dance in the clouds and watch beautiful lives unfold before my eyes. to sleep in a sky castle with sparrows and fireflies and the stars as my nightlight.

tea in chipped cups by the pretend fire as the sky darkens and a snow mist rolls in. the snow mist is really a queen and i am the princess laying in the cold with nothing but ballet slippers and a white dress.

a whisper of a kiss.