neopolitan dreams

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

you go and i'll be okay

i can dream the rest away

it's just a little touch of fate, it'll be okay

it sure takes its precious time

but it's got rights and so have i.

i turn my head up to the sky

i focus one thought at a time

i do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleeves

you couldn't be alone, the time i feel like i am walking blind

i have nowhere, i'll have time

there are no legible signs.

i like the way that you talk

i like the way that you walk

it's hard to recreate such an individual game

you wait your turn in the queue

you say your sorry's and thank-you's

i don't think you're ever one hundred percent in the room

you're not in the room.

deepest of the dark nights

here lie the highest of highs

neopolitan dreams, stretching out to the seas.

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Sara said...

I love the post! So beautiful.
I gave you an award on my blog :)

Miss Izzyyy said...

Oh I love that song so much!
It reminds me and makes me think of wonderful lazy days in summer alone, when the grass is long and green and the wind is crisp and the heat nice and warm! :)


Pearls and Peonies said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful words. :)

jules said...

i HEART this song. how beautiful

the tea drinking english rose said...

such beautiful pictures!
i feel springlike and summery sunshining days looking at these.

so wonderful.
thank you for brightening my day dear.

Blair said...

You picked out some beautiful photos!


Cil said...

So evocative and dreamy...

jules said...

I love this combo of photos! They are all so pretty and etherial.

elizabeth said...

Hello! I wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. You should look into getting a stereoscope of your own! The one I have was bought off ebay.

In addition to the thanks, I wanted to say that your blog is beautiful, and I am adding it to my reader!

Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely absolutely dreamy post. where are the words from? did you make them up yourself?

Marieke said...

beautiful pictures! Glad you stopped by so I found your blog :-)

Me in Wonderland said...

so beauty-full pictures! your blog is wonderful!

Fine Little Day said...

Sweet pics, all of them.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

such beautiful photos, and even more beautiful words!!
i love them so much.

Rosie Posie said...

this is a beautiful post. i love the song!!! and the pictures are beautiful and go perfectly :)

i have tagged you and left you a gift on my blog also!!
take care

sarah said...

oh, thank you so much!
i love yours as well, the photos you picked out are breathtakingly beautiful, so dreamy.

Mila said...

I don't have many words for this post.
It made me cry almost, that beautiful it is.
Thank you so much.


Melanie said...

i love love love this collection of images!!