five days

Saturday, December 6, 2008

i'm very excited that i get to go home so soon, but i'm very nerous about my exams. i only have two, but one is going to be veryy tough i'm thinking. i also have a big final essay to write, and my greek civ prof gave me a second chance to fix up an essay i did not-so-great on. i was so so thankful she is letting me do that! it was her idea and everything!

my camera is out of battery and i left my charger home last time, so i'm just going to post some lovely things i've been looking at lately! love <3

how to make little tea light shelves! these are adorable. i would love to have them in my room for some night lights.

this site cracks me up. some of the look alikes are so funny! especially the dog that looks like an ewok, heh.

i've never actually smelled these soaps, but if they smell as pretty as their packaging then they must be super yummy!

i really want an advice poster! or two! can't ever have enough advice, especially when it's written on such cool posters.

venice flooded, which apparently isn't a big deal to the people who live there, but wow. imagine having to go through all that to get to work? or to the shops? i don't think i'd like it enough to live there, but it's be a very cool place to visit.

i found this post on apartment therapy about 5 ways to enhance your closet. i wish my closet looked as neat as those do!

donut muffins? yes please!

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Maggie May said...

i love those 'believe' banners, i've been seeing them around everywhere.

nice blog!

maggie may

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh what perfectly pretty images. i feel so awe-esque inside.
thank you.

and that first image.... my favourite. and i completely wish for a gate like that!!


Rosie Posie said...

thank you ever so much for the lovely comment you left for me on my blog, it made me smile lots :)

How lovely that your mum is decorating for you!! I too get to go home soon, and it is so very exciting!!

I wish you lots of luck with your exams :)

These pictures are all beautiful, so very pretty!! Very inspiraing too... thank you ever so mch for sharing!

Take care, my lovely!!

erin meagan said...

I want a 'believe' banner!
Doughnut muffins? YES.

Mila said...

Wow, such a beautiful and inspiring post. Just gorgeous!
Thanks so much for sharing dear!


sparkle said...

oh what beautiful beautiful images,
and i wish you good luck with your exams sweetheart,
youll do wondrous, i hope.
believe !

also, i gave you an award. just because.

danica said...

Such a lovely post :) All the best of luck for your exams!

Katie said...

Such pretty pictures, I love the little magical looking garden gate and the lady with the balloons is great! I might make myself some little tealight shelves, I'd be scared to light them though hehe :) x

afiori said...

Hi there,
I love how dreamy - pastely these photos look!
And you're baking, yay!
I'm sewing Christmas presents at the moment - which I will NOT reveal on my blog - little make-up purses and such.

Maria-Thérèse /

maisie #1 and #2 said...

these are lovely photos, especially the enchantingly delicate cobweb. /maisie #1